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Infamous: Second Son smashes Titanfall down the charts

After the launch of Titanfall recently, we reported on the fantastic increase seen to Xbox One sales of 96%. It was a positive sign of moving forward for the Xbox One when coupled with the small price reduction it received. Yet, it wasn't to last as this weeks big new PS4 exclusive inFamous: Second Son has not only removed Titanfall from it's top spot in the charts, but in turn, pushed a higher increase of 106% to PS4 console sales.

Surely a positive sign and one Sony will no doubt be very pleased with given how important key exclusives can be in the early stages of a new console life cycle. InFamous: Second Son looks set to be an amazing game, one that we certainly can't wait to get our hands on. It's impressive to note that the title launched alongside the newest Metal Gear Solid instalment Ground Zeroes which many would of expected would grasp the top spot.

With inFamous: Second Son jumping straight in at the top of the charts it's surprising to see Titanfall, Microsoft's first real heavy hitter for the Xbox One dropping down to 3rd being force out of the second place slot by the aforementioned Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Have you had chance to play any of these 3 games? What do you think of the huge sales increase to PS4 further widening it's install base gap with the Xbox One? Are you yet to get a next gen console, do these sales encourage you to get involved early on?

Via: IGN

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