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FLAPPY BIRD returns?!

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine creator of the infuriatingly difficult but massively successful original Flappy Bird game, Dong Nguyen discussed how now roughly a month after having removed it from the App marketplace that he may well bring it back into the market.

Many will recall the huge media coverage of the initial game both for it's difficulty, challenge, it's controversial sudden removal from the App stores and it's sudden insane value when being sold on second hand mobile devices on Ebay after its removal. Dong Nguyen was reportedly pulling in around $50,000 a day in ad revenue on the app alone and has since revealed that he's been consistently bombarded with offers to buy the game from him.

Within the interview Nguyen explains how he's strongly "Considering" bringing the game back to the market. He continues to explain though that he'd include a warning with this re-release that would suggest users "take a break" from the game.

So what do you think to the chance of playing the original Flappy Bird once again? Are you not too worried now the market is flooded with copycats including the amazing Fall Out Bird? I'll no doubt download it, well you know, just in case.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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