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First Image of 'The Flash' revealed

Since the announcement that Warner Bros was going to move forward with a TV show focussed on Barry Allen aka 'The Flash', speculation has been rife about how the character will be portrayed and how the costume will look in a live TV environment. With shooting on the official pilot set to start soon, Warner Bros have come forward with our first look image at Grant Gustin who will be playing Barry Allen/The Flash in the upcoming show.

With the huge success of the fantastic Arrow, Warner Bros have got the creative team behind that show developing 'The Flash'. Given the fantastic success of Arrow, we're no doubt in for another stellar TV show bringing one of the best characters from the DC comics universe to our screens.

Fans of Arrow will recall that Grant Gustin's Barry Allen was introduced as a forensic scientist early on in season 2 with the show acting as a spring board to bring the character to life within a now shared DC TV universe. I for one am very excited at the prospect of seeing the character on screen and this link between the two shows gives a lot of promise going forward. The costume whilst only a teaser looks to be keeping with the maturer and grounded designs of that or Arrow. It'll be great to see how the full costume looks as filming begins on the pilot soon.

What do you think to the new costume image? Are you as excited as we're about The Flash coming to TV? I'm strongly looking forward to the show and in turn the implications it has towards a larger shared DC universe on the small screen.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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