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5 Awesome Batman Video Games

At GAMR we enjoy our Batman films, comics and of course games. We've taken a look back and decided to outline 5 of our favourites. Have a read and see if you agree, have any of your own favourites made our list?

1. Arkham City

When developer Rocksteady burst onto the scene in 2009 with the sensational Batman: Arkham Asylum, we finally got a true Dark Knight experience. A game that lead us through the depths of the infamous insane asylum host to the best of Batman's rogues gallery. Yet, Rocksteady weren't finished with us yet, after delivering excellent gameplay and a brilliantly befitting story in Arkham Asylum, they came back in 2011 with the incredible Batman: Arkham City.

Expanding on the addictive puzzle solving, simple yet intuitively deep combat system, a huge new open world city environment and an even greater story, Arkham city not only blew it's predeccesor out of the water but set the template to beat for all other superhero games. It's beauty was is in it's freedom with a fully accessible open world only restricted by your currently available gadgets, a method that truly awarded your explanation and continued to keep you thriving to discover more. The dramatic and final twist to the games plot, a very brave move on the part of Rocksteady not only sealed this as one of the best Batman games of all time but one of the best Batman stories as well.

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