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5 Awesome Batman Video Games #4

4. Injustice: Gods Among Us

An absolute belter of a game from the fantastic team over at Nether Realm Studios, the creators of the excellent Mortal Kombat. The games story is centered on a parallel universe in which Superman has been driven mad by the Joker, turning into a world overlord and dictator, only Batman and his band of ragtag allies have a chance of returning the world to Justice. The premise of the plot is fantastic, with the beat-em-up action second to none, everyone's favourite characters from the DC universe receive their own unique move sets and special powers that truly shine and represent their characters.

As a game that has been well thought out and thoroughly developed Injustice: Gods Among Us shines bright. It's only true downfall is that with a story premise so rich it almost feels under used due to the inability of the game to truly explore it within the framework of a beat-em-up. Nevertheless an excellent game that gives you the opportunity to feel bad ass as Batman when you go face to face with the Man Of Steel.

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