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The Last Of Us: Left Behind DLC out today!

Just in case you'd forgotten not only is today February the 14th, Valentines Day (best run out if you've forgotten something for your significant other) but it marks the release of the highly anticipated and only story based piece of DLC for last years seminal The Last Of Us.

Left Behind chronicles the early part of Ellie's story prior to the events of The Last Of Us. It explains her relationship with her best friend Riley and growing up within a military school in the boston quarantine zone. Whilst we're yet to play the game ourselves the folks over at IGN are raving about the outstanding quality of the DLC and it's accomplishment as an excellent piece of additional story based content.

We'll be picking this up to play as soon as we can, will you? Are you looking forward to experiencing the events which force Ellie to take the long and arduous journey of The Last Of Us? If you've played the DLC let us know what you think!

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