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Lex Luthor to be a tattooed punk?! & His relationship to Bruce Wayne!

Sources talking to Latino Review, have revealed some key details about the unique depiction of Superman's ultimate nemesis Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman.

Some Plot Spoilers to follow if all this does turn out to be true and not just rumour.

Lex Luthor's background is to be reimagined with the character in the film reportedly a skin head, tattooed punk. Having grown up on the streets the character is said to have joined a gang at age 14 only to, through sheer force of will, determination and endless resolve become the gangs leader at age 15. Lex is described as having a full arm tattoo of the metropolis sky line and is a self-made billionaire and CEO of lexcorp. A goal he achieved at the young age of 18, whilst no further details are given on how, it's certainly an unusual take on the characters background of wealth.

Lex is described as a ruthless business man and tech genius. IGN notes he is a self-made man who has endured the worst and worked harder than any other to bring himself to the position that he now holds. All of this is said to put him at odds with Bruce Wayne given his inherited wealth, Lex feels his success was handed to him. A meeting of the two characters set early in the film is said to be tense with the pair having varying opinions on Superman. Lex feels that he is an alien and a danger who shouldn't be here whereas Bruce has admiration and is impressed by him.

Their discussions beyond Superman are said to focus on Bruce wishing to engage Lex in a philanthropic effort to assist financially in the rebuilding of metropolis after the devastation that was caused by the events of Man of Steel. The sources state that Lex is sceptical but goes ahead with it as he sees the potential to utilise Wayne for his own ends. In respect to Superman Bruce is said to be looking to come to some sort of peaceful resolution with the character, while Luthor feels there is a more alternative and no doubt more troublesome solution for the Man of Steel. It is rumoured that, Lex has plans to exploit Bruce's connection to the Batman so that the Batman can be manipulated into doing Luthor's dirty work on the front lines for him.

Of course this is all still speculation but the idea of a complete reimagining of Lex could be a blessing for the character. Removing him from every fans preconceptions of how he should be and opening up the opportunity for a more nefarious and brutally intelligent Luthor gives this film serious plot potential. What do you think to the news of Luthor's new design, does it work well in what will be DC's shares cinematic universe? Does it go against everything you've ever known and wanted to see in Luthor?

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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