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Huge Xbox One price reductions incoming!

Many squawked at the rather large initial price of Microsoft's Xbox One console when it was revealed to launch at £429.99, whilst Microsoft gave plenty of legitimate reasoning and in turn offered first time adopters free launch games including Fifa 14 and Forza 5 (which won me over) the price remained too high for many.

So in what is no doubt great news for everyone except those of us who brought the console at launch; Microsoft has announced an Xbox One price drop. Well in the UK at least. From Friday the 28th of February the console's new price will be a £30 slimmer £399.99 for the standard console package. As a bonus the recently announced Titanfall Xbox One bundle will also launch at this price saving you another £40 on what is set to be one of the most promising and unique games on the Xbox One.

Since Microsoft's initial announcements companies have jumped out with their own additional offers, with some offering the new Titanfall bundle for only £369.97 and others offering their own unique bundles too.

Has this news tempted you into buying an Xbox One? I've had one from launch and loved it so far. I admit though more games are needed, but the hardware is great and there are already some must play titles including Dead Rising 3 exclusive to the system.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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