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Ghostbusters go LEGO!

Following on from the previous awesome 1980's inspired LEGO Cuusoo set of the Back To The Future Delorean comes another staple vehicle from the 80's ECTO-1. The set originally designed as a LEGO Cuusoo effort by Brent Waller, whose original design gained massive attention has been announced to release later this year alongside the original Ghostbusters movie's 30th anniversary.

Not only will the set include the ECTO-1 vehicle itself but it will additionally come with the original ghostbusting quartet of Winston, Peter, Ray and Egon. With this being a Cuusoo set designs may change slightly before it's official release but it looks set to be amazing. Just check out that mini Egon!

Via: IGN
Images copyright: LEGO

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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