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Flappy Bird! Get it on Vita!

With the big news that the hugely popular and difficult app game Flappy Bird being removed from app stores worldwide a host of alternatives have popped up to take it's place. Last week we took a look at Fall Out Bird, the brilliantly clever reimagining of the game feature the members of the rock band Fall Out Boy. But now for something completely different, with the huge collaborative player base behind the fantastic Little Big Planet series of games it was inevitable we'd see some clones. But, one user has gone so far as to effectively and entirely replicate the original Flappy Bird experience on Vita! Check it out:

I'll be getting the Vita out and giving this a try later on for sure! Have you enjoyed this ever changing saga behind the rise and disappearance of Flappy Bird? Have you tried any of the alternatives out there so far? What have your favourites been?

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

Fall Out Bird: The New Flappy Bird?

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