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Flappy Bird Clones: Rejected!

Google and Apple in the wake of the massive influx of Flappy Bird clones have started cracking down with their restrictions process to ensure that any copy's of the massively popular and exceptionally challenging game are rejected through their approval processes. Whilst this might not yet have been as efficient as they're targeting given the continued increase of similar titles on the app stores, it's a sure sign of the massive impact that Flappy Bird has had on the App gaming community.

Reportedly from The Guardian many of the apps are being rejected by Apple on the basis of a restriction disallowing any new apps to 'leverage the name/title of a popular app'. If you want to find the best possible Flappy Birdesque game out there now might be the best time to do it just in case some of those rather awesome one's get removed.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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