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Boy Jumps Ship - 'Better Days' - Artist of the Week

Boy Jumps Ship, the awesome rock quartet from Newcastle have this week released a video for their song 'Better Days' my personal favourite from their most recent EP 'Be Good, Be Gracious' said to be the last send off for the EP, I couldn't imagine a better track.

Better Days is a brilliantly paced and beautifully dynamic piece of modern rock and pop excellence. These guys know how to write a catchy, toe tapping track, riddled with presence and magnificently crafted instrumentation. The finale of the song with its huge dynamic drop and slow build of the fantastic melody of 'There's light on these dark roads' culminating in an epic group vocal seals off an amazing song and brings to a close this EP's release exceptionally well.

Check out the video below and if you like the track why not support the band by picking up the 'Be Good, Be Gracious' EP over on itunes.

Boy Jumps Ship can be found online at the followng:-

You can see the band on tour throughout the UK this February on the Mapped Out tour, grab tickets online now!

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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