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Why Infamous: Second Son is the most promising Playstation 4 exclusive on the horizon

The Infamous series on playstation 3 was nothing short of excellent. It felt like a title of such brilliant quality that perhaps didn't quite hit the heights of recognition it deserved. The gameplay was fantastic, combining a mixture of awesome electricity based super powers, with free running and vibrant city environments littered with allies, enemies and civilians. It's brilliantly designed morals system allowed you to approach the game in various ways with multiple endings based upon the karmic actions you took throughout the game which additionally altered your characters appearance going from a scale of heroic all the way to villainous.

Given the exuberant quality of these two titles on the Playstation 3 by developer Sucker Punch anticipation for the forthcoming Infamous: Second Son is high for me. The game focuses on an entirely new protagonist Delsin Rowe and is set 7 years after the events of the catastrophic climax in Infamous 2. Unlike the series' former protagonist Cole Macgrath, Delsin has a larger variety of powers at his control all of which manifest in completely different ways to what Infamous players will be used to. So far two of these power types have been revealed; Smoke and Neon. Your abilities are recharged through your environment similar to the way Cole's electricity powers were in previous entries of the series. The game is set in the infamous universes own take on Seattle unlike the fictional cities of Empire City and New Marais in the previous entries. Replete with countless  opportunities to use and retool your smoke and neon powers, Seattle looks like an excellent setting for the game. 

Sucker Punch continue to tease new features and developments about the title. They've made it very clear that there will be a wide array of powers available to players, teasing however that you'll have to play the game when it's launched to discover them all. Previous entries had a rich and expansive open world that gave the player huge amounts of freedom to explore and discover a great deal of content beyond that of the story. Sucker Punch promise that the game will be as expansive as before but with a larger environment and even richer content to play.

Infamous: Second Son looks set to bring a high quality, excellent action adventure to Sony's new console. Something that I feel was sorely lacking at launch, with Knack not living up to its potential. Much like the original Uncharted which arrived on a lull in the PS3's first year and blew everyone away with its exceptional storytelling and brilliantly designed action gameplay. Infamous: Second Son has the potential to retread those steps, the PS4 needs a true high quality exclusive to jump out and keep the already excellent momentum of the console going. Dropping on March 21st the title is perfectly positioned to do just that and in turn give Sucker Punch the opportunity to really take the series to new places by garnering a larger audience of fans. I will most certainly be picking it up at launch and can't wait to get myself engrossed within this rich universe once again.

Infamous: Second Son is released worldwide on March 21st exclusively for the Playstation 4.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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