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The Last Of Us 'Left Behind' Teaser Trailer

For many including myself The Last Of Us was without a doubt not only one of the best games of last year, but indeed arguably one of the best games ever created. It had such emotional weight, a grounded and powerful story and to top if off a phenomenal gameplay system that kept it altogether. As such the opportunity to return to the world of The Last Of Us in the upcoming 'Left Behind' DLC has me excited. Check out the first look trailer courtesy of IGN below.

If you've not played the original title yet, then here's fair warning *spoilers ahead*!

Left Behind will put players in the shoes of Ellie prior to the events of the core story of The Last Of Us, detailing her friendship with close friend and personal mentor Riley, who also featured alongside Ellie in the run of prequel comics 'American Dream'. The content is said to focus both on their relationship and how they've grown up as members of a boarding school within a quarantine zone. Yaani King who plays Riley in the DLC explained to IGN "[The powers that be] have us there kind of learning how to basically, at a certain age, fight the Infected at some point. So, it's pretty boring. It's kind of like what you'd imagine military schoool would be: wake up, eat, chores around the quarantine, learning how to protect yourself, and that sort of thing".

With the game set before the events of The Last Of Us, it leads us to the question of will this DLC lead us to the inevitable moment where Ellie becomes infected and the realisation that she is in fact immune to this devastating infection, which of course leads directly into the start of The Last Of Us itself. The DLC will likely be fantastic and personally I can't wait to immerse myself in the story and get back to the seminal world that developer Naughty Dog has created.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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