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The Last Of Us' 'Left Behind' DLC get's valentines day release date?

Thanks to IGN who picked up on a well buried user post from NeoGAF it looks like we might be getting to play 'Left Behind' the recently announced single player DLC for the seminal The Last Of Us sooner than we thought.

The image above posted on the NeoGAF forums shows an availability date of 2.14.14 which just happens to be valentines day. Possibly an unusual date to release the content given it's setting in an overrun post infection world but we can't wait to get playing it so bring it on!

A recent change to the listing on Sony's own online network store certainly legitimises that this may well be the date we'll be getting our hands on this new content.

'Left Behind' brings us back in time before the events of the The Last Of Us where we learn more about Ellie's pre-infection background and about her relationship with close friend Riley. Read more and watch the teaser trailer in our recent post.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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