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Star Wars 1313 trademark dropped

Unfortunately as many had expected given Disney's actions since their acquisition of LucasArts, The Escapist has revealed that the trademark for Star Wars 1313 has been dropped.

Star Wars 1313 had shown phenomenal promise with its unique setting and action driven gameplay. Based in the seedy under belly of Coruscant the game placed players in the shoes of one of the Star Wars universes bounty hunters, with gameplay focused on weaponry and gadget based combat with puzzles as opposed to the lightsaber and force powers that are common place in other Star Wars titles.

Back on April 3rd 2013 after Disney's acquisition of LucasArts the project was put on hold and rumours of it being shopped around to external developers surfaced. Unfortunately it would seem that with the trademarked Star Wars 1313 name being dropped on December 23rd 2013 that this was the last we'll be seeing of what likely would have been one of the best Star Wars video game experiences to date. Still let's just be happy that EA and DICE are at work on a new instalment of the Star Wars: Battlefield series.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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