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Rumour: Microsoft paying for positive Xbox One YouTube coverage!

In a strange set of circumstances it appears that Microsoft may well have been paying for positive comments and coverage of their Xbox One console and it's games. Rumour has it that Microsoft has entered into an agreement with YouTube channel Machima, paying it's top content providers to give positive Xbox One coverage.

According to sources over at ArsTechnica an agreement has been made that provides Machima members with $3 per thousand views if their videos feature roughly 30 seconds of Xbox One coverage. This would be all well and good assuming it was clear that Microsoft was driving this. However as noted, Microsoft appears to have implied that content providers should not expressly mention the deal with Microsoft.

Do you think Microsoft is cheating consumers and convoluting what could of been genuine avenues of informative content by throwing cash at it? Or is it a smart move on their part to increase awareness of the Xbox One albeit it rather stealthily?

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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