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Nintendo's 3DS keeping them in the game!

Nintendo have reportedly sold a gigantic 15 million 3DS consoles in Japan alone. The 3DS continues to bolster Nintendo's backbone of output, selling consistently well worldwide. Supported by an arguably sensational stream of quality content, it's fortunate for Nintendo and the games industry.

With the 2DS yet to release in the Hardware makers home country of Japan, it's more than likely that we'll see huge sales rise on this unit too. With it's overall cheaper price, new design and removal of those 3D features that can be irritating or uncomfortable to many, Nintendo could be on to another strong performing handheld console iteration. IGN talks of the overall impressiveness of these sales levels, noting that the 3DS family including the 3DS XL has now surpassed the total sales of Nintendo's global phenomenon the Wii in it's home territory of Japan.

Whilst the Hardware manufacturer has struggled with unexpectedly slow sales of it's Wii U console, this continued positive trend within it's handheld business will have no doubt bolstered the companies resolve and got them planning appropriately for the future. Nintendo has been a staple of the games industry for many years, let's hope moving forward they take smart and calculated steps to keep them in business and so that we the gamers get to experience that which Nintendo does best, make fantastic and unique exclusive titles. With plenty of games including the new Super Smash Bros releasing on the 3DS this year it'll no doubt continue this very positive trend.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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