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More The Last Of Us 'Left Behind' details and new trailer!


Left Behind which will be releasing on playstation 3 this coming February 14th is looking to be a great DLC addition to the very excellent The Last Of Us. Today sony has released a full trailer for the DLC that showcases more of the critically important relationship between Ellie and her friend Riley. The relationship is responsible for shaping the person that Ellie becomes and that players will be accustomed to from The Last Of Us.

IGN reports when discussing the title that Lead Game Designer Jacob Minkoff mentions that "With Left Behind, we wanted to make a single-player DLC that was as fully-crafted as our main campaign, There's a great deal that we've done with the DLC that exceeds the level of narrative density that we had in the main campaign" His colleague; Game Designer Anthony Newman expanded "There's definitely, implicitly, this stronger emphasis on exploration and non-combat gameplay. The environment that Ellie and Riley are exploring is a mall. This is kind of a playground of lost history".

It's additionally mentioned that combat will be quite different from that which players of The Last Of Us have become accustomed to. Suggesting that more emphasis will be put upon stealth and utilising the environment to pit both human and Infected enemies against one another to allow you to progress unnoticed and unharmed.

It's certainly looking to be both exceptionally ambitious and of great quality. Naughty Dog has been excelling within the story driven third person action genre for many years now, as such it'll be really exciting to see what they can do with an additional piece of story lead content that contributes to an already rich and engrossing universe. Are you looking forward to it?

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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