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Killzone: Shadow Fall at last gets Clans!

Having loved Killzone: Shadow Fall and played it something to death online with friends at the launch of the Playstation 4 one thing that came to light pretty early on was the lack of clans and grouping options. Whilst it was simple to join a friend and play a game with them we always found it frustrating that we couldn't really group up as we'd wanted to.

Courtesy of IGN from a direct post on the games official site, Killzone: Shadow Fall's community editor Victor Zuylen stated:-

"The first phase will arrive with patch 1.09, which is currently slated for an early February release, This phase introduces clan system features to both the game and the website. The patch will add support for displaying clan tags alongside player names in the game, while the website will receive basic clan management functionality — including the ability to create clans, add/remove members and promote members to clan officers."

This is great news especially with the upcoming recently announced free Multiplayer DLC. Plenty of reasons to get back into one of the best PS4 games available to play right now.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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