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Gal Gadot talks multiple Wonder Woman movies and her salary!

Gal Gadot having been on the Israeli talk show Good Evening with Gai Pines has revealed quite a substantial number of details regarding her upcoming role as Wonder Woman in Batman Vs Superman as well as some other unusual contract details.

The original interview has been translated courtesy of batman-news. In the interview the Fast 6 actress reveals that she has signed on for a total of 3 movies where she will appear as Wonder Woman. Additional rumours surfacing from Variety suggest that these 3 movies will be 2016's Batman Vs Superman, the Justice League and a standalone Wonder Woman movie.

Gadot continued in her interview to reveal that now Batman Vs Superman has been delayed she is due to start filming for her role from May this year. Additionally and quite surprisingly the Actress has revealed that her salary for the role in Batman Vs Superman will be a rather slim by Hollywood standards $300,000. Given the scale of the movie and it's likely sizeable budget could this lower salary suggest that Gadot's role in the film will be fairly minimal and more focused on subtly building her character into this universe? Nevertheless the prospect of seeing the big trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman altogether in one movie is very exciting!

Batman Vs Superman is due to open in cinemas after it's recent delay in May 2016.

Via: IGN

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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