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Fox's Gotham TV show will have key links to Batman

At the recent Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour Fox's Chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly has revealed that the upcoming Gotham TV show originally said to focus primarily on Commisioner James Gordon will in fact act as an origin piece for Batman.

The story is set to be an overarching "Origin of a young Bruce Wayne" and will feature his development from his parents untimely demise to in principal the series ending the first time he puts on the cape and cowl. Assuming of course that the series can last that long, though we'd be surprised if it didn't.

Gotham will feature many of the classic villains and heroes of the Batman universe and will work as an introduction and origin to many of the significant villains of Batman's rogues gallery. Kevin Reilly noted that we'll see "How they all became who they were, what events lead up to these characters becoming Catwoman" amongst many others. 

We can't wait to get watching Gotham it's a fantastic premise and the Nolan-Esque world that it's to be set in has us excited. With many other DC live action shows such as the exceptional arrow working as well as they have let's hope the creative team behind Gotham will build something to blow us away!

For full details check out IGN's extensive coverage.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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