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EA also paying for positive YouTube content?

After the surprise reveal that Microsoft have been covertly paying content providers on Machinima for positive content helping to promote the companies new Xbox One console it has further come to light that a similar agreement is also in place with EA.

There's a lot to be concerned about here, had Microsoft been a one off we could of passed this as perhaps a bad attempt at providing "audience approved" content. However if EA are also doing the same, should we be concerned that other large publishers could be using this tactic too? Will Nintendo be revealed to be paying out for positive Wii U content? Unlikely but it's still a big concern and does put into question the integrity of all YouTube games coverage personalities.

Personally I'm fairly shocked by the situation, while I can understand that companies want to try diverse and fresh marketing techniques. This is basically bribery, I'm not sure that should sit well with anyone. What do you think of these reveals? Are you also concerned about whom else might be involved?

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

Via: IGN

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