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App Review: Injustice: Gods Among Us

Warner Bros and NetherRealms’ DC comics Injustice: Gods Among Us game is a great attempt at bringing a console game over to a mobile platform. Injustice is designed as a collectable card game with fighting features. The game has you building a roster of playable characters in order to create the most epic and ultimate DC team. Injustice is a 3 on 3 combat, touch based game, so picking/buying your favourite characters is essential to create an unbeatable and godly team. 

As mentioned above, this app version is tailored specifically for mobile and varies from the design and gameplay of the console version, WB have succeeded in converting the game to mobile and creating something substantial and next-gen. It is important to point out that cash should be used carefully as it becomes exceedingly difficult to come by in later battles against higher-classed enemies. It is recommended that silver booster packs should be bought at the beginning of the game to ensure a strong team (I didn’t do this). Unfortunately, the game has in app purchase features so to progress far into the game it requires high amounts of patience or a big wallets worth of real money. Buying silver booster packs with the cash at the beginning ensures a prolonged experience of the game without having to spend on any in app purchases.  

Injustice features a huge amount of collectable character cards from the DC comics, icons such as; Batman, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, Superman, Catwoman, Green Lantern, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and many others all feature with their own unique abilities and attributes. The game has Bronze, Silver and Gold versions of each character, all with custom moves and skills. As the player progresses through the battles enemies become progressively stronger and harder to beat. With each fight, your DC character will gain more experience and reach higher levels. Successful battles reward you with a jackpot of coins, which can be used on the characters’ skills, to purchase new characters, booster packs, support cards and other game features. In app purchases allow you to gain everything faster but they are not needed to experience the games full potential. 


Injustice has the graphical qualities of a true next-gen mobile game, playing via an iPad with retina display offered a brilliant gaming experience. According to the Apple website Injustice: Gods Among Us features “Custom animations for every single hero and villain”. The games background graphics are also as impressive, they feature well known locations from DC comics lore such as the Batcave and Arkham Asylum. All of which are fully rendered in 3D for an overall finish to stunning graphics. 


The controls are simple and easy to pick up. Tap and swipe actions are the primary controls of the game, tapping the touchscreen result in low HP attacks and can be used to create combo attacks to knock down opponents. Swiping the screen in the same way also result in combo attacks which have a more deadly affect. Using these controls help to charge up the special attack, which can be used for an attack of overwhelming force and offer huge deduction of HP against the enemy. Holding two fingers on the screen controls the way in which the character blocks reoccurring fatal blows from the opponent. These controls can be used in many different ways to establish the best form of attack. For example, I used Solomon Grundy as my main fighting force because of his high health points and back from the grave special skill. Once Catwoman and Soloman’s special powers charge, I use them against the opponent to create devastating damage.  

Overall Thoughts:

Injustice: Gods Among Us enables the player a good few hours of fun and entertainment; it is completely worth the download. The graphics are utterly amazing and match the quality of each individual character. The controls are simple yet satisfying and the 3 on 3 combat allows the player to use many of their favourite characters from the DC comics universe. 

Successful conversion of console to mobile.
Stunning graphics.
Well-known and loved characters.

Can’t complete without in app purchases 
Specific characters are really expensive 

Game developer: WB, NetherRealm
Price: Free
Last Update: 25th November 2013
Release date: April 3rd 2013
Platform Reviewed: iPad  

Score: 4/5

Laura Ash / @lauraanneash

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