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Amazon games console under £180?

Rumours have started to surface once again about Amazon's own attempt to enter the console market with an android machine of their own. Taking a place alongside other android consoles such as the Ouya. The console has a rumoured price of around $300 which currently converts to around £180 for UK. Not too shabby price wise and it sits nicely between its competitors. Whilst the Ouya struggled to find it's footing when it released with the tiny price tag of $99 given Amazon's sizeable online hold and dedicated consumer base this could be a solid win for them.

Rumours are that the console is being created by their own inhouse design team responsible for their Kindle range and is apparently similar in design to the original PSone with a sharper edged design. An interesting market to jump into for Amazon but no doubt one they'll have a strong focus and core business plan prepared for. Do you think you'd pick one up, or is the price point just too high for effectively games you could pick up on your smartphone?

Via: IGN

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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