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The Last Of PS3

The last games you should play on the PS3

It has been officially confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will not be backwards compatible, so you will have to say goodbye to your old PlayStation 3 games if you intend to upgrade and leave your Playstation 3 behind.

With such a long console life span has followed hundreds of diverse and high quality titles. Were there any games you missed out on playing that won’t be compatible with your next generation console?

Your PS3 discs won’t work in the new console nor will the games you downloaded.” yes it even includes that awesome digital content library you've been amassing a shame for those with playstation plus who've many titles yet to try.

So without further ado here's a list i've created of the games you must-play before moving onto the next generation. 

The Last of us

Ironically, I’ll start with The Last of Us, it seems fitting that I should conclude PS3's finest games with this top contender. For me, this game is a great example of initiative and it offers an insight into the future of gaming with beautiful graphics, an amazing storyline and perfectly built characters. 

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the human race is close to extinction due to the devastating effects of the fungal cordyceps infection warping humans into mindless killers. You have hopped aboard a rollercoaster of emotions; your only objective is to survive, while dealing with the complications and the difficulties of everyday life. 

The storyline is this games strong trait, the bond between Joel and Ellie; your AI companion is one of the most appealing factors of The Last of Us.  Ellie livens up the death-infested world through her witty jokes, random interactions and teamwork. Watching the relationship develop between Joel and Ellie is the major driving force of the game, making the game impossible to put down. 

This particular game is categorised mainly as an action shooter, but with a fresh twist. Bullets and life-saving materials are a limited luxury within the game, as a player you must evaluate a situation before attempting anything. Storm in guns blazing or stealthily sneak through without being noticed, each option can be the difference between survival and death.  

Heavy Rain


Before you question this contender, I have great reason for placing this game within the top ranking games of this generation on PS3. 

This game has a relatively slow-building storyline when compared to other storyline-focused games, but after a couple hours of gameplay it speeds up rapidly. One of the main features I love about this game is its no-fail feature, you will never find yourself gawping at a gameover screen. The game will simply carry on and branch out into a different narrative, the story moves on to suit your own individual gameplay and adapts to the choices you've made.

Heavy Rains major focus is centralised on the storyline, you play as four different characters each contributing individually to solving the over arching mystery of a kidnapped boy by a notorious serial child murderer 'The Origami Killer'. Spanning four days of pure suspense and nail-biting tension, you are on the hunt for the killer; your objective is to save an innocent life before it’s too late. 

Will you let history repeat itself?

The game is manoeuvred by quick time events, a button prompt appears on the screen, missing a prompt won’t lead to a fail, it will only lead to a different outcome. 

The graphics are great quality when examining the faces but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the hand movements, they are lacking in quality. However these traits are easily overlooked, even if they feel a bit out-dated compared to the graphics of other current games that the PS3 has to offer.

The multiple storyline, narration branching and the character development are too good to miss. Make sure you fit this game in before moving on to next gen gaming, if you love a fantastic story and appreciate that gaming can be more than just action and shooting you wont regret it. 

Beyond: Two souls 

A recent addition to the PlayStation family, people are unsure whether this will be released on the PlayStation 4 so you may as well add this to your list before moving on. Beyond; Two Souls fits somewhere between a video game and art, commonly compared to heavy rain, featuring outstanding graphics, detailed story and great voice acting. 

Unfortunately the game is lacking in the ability to make decisive choices leading to a hollow ending with a lack of emotional attachment. However, Beyond: Two Souls offers a unique experience with a rare visual quality limited to few games, so get playing it!

Mass Effect 

If you feel like searching the galaxy playing the persona of an important captain on your own ship, fighting aliens, monsters and sometimes your own race, then this is the game for you. What’s better is how the whole trilogy is now available on the PlayStation 3, so really there is no excuse to miss out on this epic game series. 

The first game may be lacking in quality seeming how gaming has moved on, but it is still worth the gameplay. The Mass Effect trilogy is known for its multiple choice scenarios which have a massive impact on the individual players gameplay, you decided who lives and who dies and this then transfers over to the following games, making the whole experience exceedingly personal. 

A great feature to Mass Effect is the relationship builder; you can find love on the Normandy. However be careful that you don’t flirt with more than one person, or you’ll end up single and alone, I spent the whole trilogy this way. 

The ultimate quality of Mass Effect is the amount of times you can play through the game and still have different experiences every time.  Consequentially the game records how many hours you have spent in the world of Mass Effect, making you feel rather guilty when you see that you have spent 48 hours searching through a fantasy galaxy, fighting fantasy aliens; but don’t let this put you off. 

Far Cry 3

You step into the shoes of Jason Brody, a man alone deserted on a mysterious tropical island. The island characteristics are those of violence and lawlessness, a chaotic place where anything can happen. The player dictates the decisions and how the story progresses, from the battles, allies and even the enemies. 

Ubisoft present players with a cross between an elegant open world game with a first person shooter, the perfect combination for a world where you are free to do what you want but on the other-hand have a structured storyline to follow. 

The characters all have a backstory, all with their own flaws, you learn more about these throughout the gameplay, which is great for the development of the story. For me, this is the best game out of the series, mainly due to the storyline and the characters. 

I hope you have the time for these games before making the leap into next gen consoles; they will definitely be worth your while.

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