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6 brilliant Festive Films to watch this Christmas (6-5)

Everyone loves a good Christmas movie and so do we. So here's our 6 favourite festive films.

6. Jingle All The Way

When Arnie's not busy busting down evil robots from the future, or smashing apart game hunting aliens from other planets he's busy doing christmas shopping. Or that's at least the idea behind the excellently humorous Jingle All The Way, in which Mr Schwarzenneger battles his way through the average Christmas shopper and plenty of shenanigans to pick up the must have Christmas toy 'Turbo Man' for his son, whilst not all goes to plan Arnie still manages to save the day and keep his son happy even if it's not quite in the way he expected.


5. Home Alone

A classic 'I wish' setup leaves young Kevin McCallister home alone whilst his family jets off to Paris for the festive holiday accidentally leaving him behind. Enjoying his new freedom's Kevin does everything he wants, until the 'wet bandits' a pair of holiday criminals decide to burgle his house. With some smart initiative Kevin booby traps the house and we're treated to some entertaining slapstick as the burgling attempt goes awry due to all of Kevin's traps. The film is excellently balanced with some warm messages, a lovely festive feel and some humorous action. No doubt most people will question how particularly awful the parenting is, but it does leave us with an excellent setup.


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