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Our top 5 action films to watch this christmas!

Buying an action film to watch this christmas? Why not check out our top picks of this years action films now available on Blu-Ray & DVD.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Another amazing entry in the modern re-imaging of Star Trek, combining the best of classic Star Trek with a modern blockbuster action sensibility, fantastic acting from the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and awesome sci-fi action.


Iron Man 3

The continually successful Marvel franchise Iron Man continues, following on from one of the highest grossing movies of all time 'The Avengers' it takes a deeper delve into the life of Tony Stark and his anxieties following the events of 'The Avengers'. A more personal story than we've seen before but with plenty of trademark Marvel action and a lovely little cameo from Mark Ruffalo.


Man Of Steel

An excellent movie and the start of warners bros new DC universe. Following on from the sensational Dark Knight trilogy 'Man of Steel' had a lot to live up to. It doesn't disappoint, taking an insightful look at the life events that craft Superman and the challenges he must face, both morally and socially with the power granted by his alien heritage. The film throws in plenty of amazing and gritty action set pieces with a surprise ending that will leave longterm Superman fans surprised.


Pacific Rim

An absolute action belter, Guillermo Del Toro takes the classic Godzilla style monster movie setup and makes a visually exceptional, explosive romp. Whilst the story could of been better the unrelenting and over the top explosive action makes for fantastic viewing.


The Wolverine

We had a lot to say about 'The Wolverine' in our recent REVIEW whilst certainly not a perfect film it's full of excellent action and a promising story that gives us a fantastic new take on everyone's favourite X-Man. If you've watched all the previous X-men movies you definitely won't be disappointed and this film shows you a side to Wolverine that we hope to see more of in next years 'Days of Future Past'.


Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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