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New Steam engine prototype unveiled

A new Steam Engine prototype has been revealed, standing out from the crowd with a daring white console.

The iBuyPower designed prototype runs at 1080p and 60fps. 

This Steam Engine prototype seems to really be swimming against the tide with this white number; with first images of the Steam OS being released yesterday; this prototype demonstrates that the designers have gone for a dramatic twist and breaking from the current trend of heavy black for something sleek and fresh in this white design.

With Sony and Microsoft's million units on day one consoles fighting for the top-spot in gaming consoles, both sporting the sexy, sleek and black appearance. It's refreshing to see a new approach to hardware design even if it's on a console that's not in direct competition with the heavy hitters.

Will the Steam OS be a crowd pleaser and sneak its way in through the competition with this fresh outlook?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

According to GameSpot, “ No other details were revealed about the hardware but iBuyPower did show off two variations of their white box. When not illuminated, the light bar in the middle is clear on one machines and black on the other.” additionally these two units have been affectionately titled 'Gordan' and 'Freeman' as a nod to valve, the creators of steam's gaming classic Half Life.

Xbox One was released on November 22nd and the PlayStation 4 is due November 29th

No dates have yet been announced for the launch of the 'Steam Os' or related hardware.

See more from Gamespot's announcement by clicking HERE!

Laura Ash / @lauraanneash

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