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Music Review: Cold Summer self titled album

Cold Summer show a lot of potential, they're already starting to develop a strong sound and a unique tone of their own. Whilst they have their weaknessess too this is a band that could go far with plenty of perserverance and development.

Having recieved Cold Summer's 8 track mini-album via an excellently well worded email I was compelled to give it a listen. I was very pleasantly surprised, the album kicks off in a simple style that you'll have heard before and I feel that the first track 'The Fallen' whilst good doesn't showcase the best of the band and their excellent use of dynamics that flow in to the album throughout it's later songs. The thing you'll immediately notice if your an avid listener of alternative music is the similarities between the vocalists tone and that of Benjamin Kowalewicz (Billy Talent) and an association that is more than welcome to the style. For me personally I didn't feel as fond of the screamed vocals, there's nothing particularly bad about them but I personally have very specific tastes and like my screams more in the vain of 'Everytime I Die'.

For me the best track on the album and the direction I feel that 'Cold Summer' should be pursuing is that of final track 'A is for Arson' which coincidentally is the lead single from this album. The song is lead by a fantastic driving riff and some great verse vocals, however it loses a little of it's potency in the chorus, but is on the whole a good track. The vocals are also very well balanced with the use of gang shouts and more minor screaming.

Other highlights include 'Waiting (Alternative)' which showcases some fluid crafting, nicely layered vocals and harmonies, great use of piano and smart construction to create a strong blend. 'Car Crash (In progress)' is another solid track, a strong well driven chorus, well adapted bridge and build up and most of all an interesting use of bass and guitar to kick off the verses.

'Cold Summer' show a lot of promise. They're clearly working hard to develop themselves playing a lot of shows and writing a lot of music. Whilst they do have some weaknesses it's clear that they are working hard to develop these as can be heard through various tracks in the album and no doubt their next release will be a huge step forward.

Hear the album online now on SOUNDCLOUD.

Overall: 7/10

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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