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Game Review: Sniper Shooter

At this point in time there are a lot of aim and shoot games available on mobile platforms, but Sniper Shooter is one that stands out above the rest.

This particular App takes full advantage of it's platform of choice and for me this was the iPad. The controls are simple and easy to understand, all you do is aim by tilting the device and shoot by tapping anywhere on the screen. I found that the iPad worked best with this App as it took full advantage of the larger screen and tilt functionality.


There isn’t a solid story line, your minor background information portrays the player as a master hitman who takes killing orders for a living, and the rest is pretty much an open book.

Your challenge is to trek through the multiple missions available, aiming for a 3 star score; there are 12 different chapters with 5 missions in each. You are faced with many challenges, involving the killings of 1 or more targets per mission.

The individual missions are set throughout a range of varied backgrounds, testing your skill, both at day and at night.

Once a chapter is completed, there is an option to backtrack and complete other achievements, involving the killing of civilians, failing in a specific way or killing people in an accurate sequence, resulting in extra cash for sniper rifle purchases.

Be warned, there are some sensitive scenarios in this game including topical jokes that some may find offensive: one such instance is the setting of the JFK shooting. That said most should find this element of the game harmless and perhaps witty, especially some scenarios that include more contemporary targets such as a Psy 'Gangnam style' impersonator.

The gameplay embraces humour, control simplicity and fun challenges, which are all key in creating a decent App.

Graphics and sound

Within the description of the game, the developer states how the game has 3D graphics, but for the most part it looks 2D. The missions are set in multiple backgrounds all brilliantly animated,the graphics are simplified and most of the features follow the same satisfactory theme of simplicity.

The sound effects are surprisingly impressive and work well within the game, the background music is discreet, which is a godsend, there is nothing worse than a game with an annoying backing track.

Sniper Shooter also introduces impressive sound effects for the reloading and shooting of the sniper riffle. The most impressive quality being the reload sound effect of the gun when you tap the start mission button.

The sound and graphics all add to the characteristics of the Sniper Shooter, making it a title well worth playing.

The pros:
-The game is completely free, there’s no catch.
-Great tool for procrastination.
-Simple and easy, no skill required.
-Multiple chapters, missions and achievements to complete.
-Great sound effects and graphics.

The Cons:
- The brief before each mission isn’t clear and can make each mission feel like more of a trial and error effort to discover the key targets and goals.

Overall, there isn’t anything to complain about with this App, it's free and it is worth downloading even if it is just a tool to kill time.

Graphics and sound:5/5

Sniper Shooter is currently free on the App store.
Available on iOS and Android

Laura Ash / @lauraanneash

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