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FALLOUT 4 Rumours!

Courtesy of  the team over at Kotaku who have acquired a script leak from the as of yet unofficially announced game. Whilst Fallout is not referenced the project is codenamed: 'Institute' and the script features the classic starting lines of all Fallout monologues from the past two game's introductions, 'War, War never changes'.

Previous rumours surrounding the game have suggested that Fallout 4 will be based in Massachusetts and more specifically in the Boston city area. IGN's analysis of the script has found there to be mentions to the commonwealth which in Fallout lore is consistently tied to the region we know as Massachusetts.

We're huge fans of the Fallout franchise here at GAMR and Fallout 3 remains one of my personal all time favourite games from the playstation 3 generation. The possibility of a new Fallout title on the horizon has me excited. We'll have more info and news as it comes.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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