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Disney Interactive announces Beta for new game: Star Wars: Attack Squadrons

A Free-to-play online space game making its way into Beta next year.

Thanks to the folks over at CVG it has been revealed that Disney Interactive have announced a new free-to play space combat game set in the Star Wars universe for PC launching in 2014. Star Wars: Attack Squadrons is currently under development by Area 52 Games.

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons will allow up to 16-player dogfights featuring well-known Star Wars Ships, including TIE fighters and X-wings that the player will be able to customise.

The reveal trailer is not representative of gameplay footage.  However, further game details are expected in upcoming weeks.

A beta test is planned for 2014, interested parties can sign up via the game website for a chance to try out the game when it enters testing at www.starwarsattacksquadrons.com

This announcement follows from the multi-year and multi-game deal between EA and Disney announced earlier this year for EA to be the sole publisher of all star wars game titles. EA currently has studios DICE, Visceral Games and Bioware with titles in development.

Laura Ash / @lauraanneash

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