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APP REVIEW: Stickman Base Jumper

After downloading an immense number of Apps in search of something new and compelling, I found 'Stickman Base Jumper'! Would it be great enough to top the best of the App store?

Developer: Dijinnworks
Released: 8th September 2012
Price: FREE
Platforms: iOS / Android

If you like the idea of jumping off skyscrapers, or at least the idea of a game that involves this, then you should definitely consider downloading this App. Get your parachutes prepared and dive off a building, each mission involves the realistic limitations that skydivers face; including the dark and the wind, making it difficult to calculate the correct distance to run before making the leap of faith.

The first apparent and obvious pro of this game is the price, it's completely free, no charges necessary. Can you imagine anything better than a free game? 

I can't!

The controls are extremely simple, making gameplay excessively entertaining, the challenging part is figuring out the distance of the jump and when to deploy your parachute without breaking any limbs or missing the target completely (I did this several times). The only control is tapping the screen, to run, jump and releasing the parachute; the wind does the rest.

Oh, and the most important factor is timing; timing is everything in this game, and it's a trait that I have never had. Whilst the first section of levels are deceivingly easy, the game became complex rapidly, adding more obstacles into the mix, leading to levels that are nearly impossible to accomplish on the first try. This effect isn't dull however but in fact it adds to the addiction. I found myself incapable of putting the game down, every fail strengthened my addiction to the point where I was actually shouting at the screen.

The game features a classic, but never tedious marking scheme; each level has a scoring rate out of 3 stars.

Visually the game is easy on the eye, with remarkably creative, scenic landscapes, teamed up with amusing sound effects, which add to the positive attributes of the game.

Consequentially, nothing is perfect so I have to be cynical and find something that hinders the game. For me, this was a surpassingly challenging task, I couldn't find much at fault in this particular game, but if I had to pick something it would have to be the intricate levels that I couldn't seem to complete! That said, this can be put down to my hopeless hand-eye coordination; so not really a valid point for most of humankind!

Graphics: 8 / 10
Sound: 8 /10
Gameplay: 8 /10
Overall: 8 / 10

Go and download it, it's free and a great time-murderer!!!!!

Laura Ash / @lauraanneash

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